Saturday, May 31, 2014

Mac Lorde Gets Gloomy

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  The summer release of MAC's new limited edition lipstick, Pure Heroine and wing tipped eyeliner, Rapidblack have been heavily anticipated.  They are going to be available in all Fifth Avenue and Time Square stores, and also online at MAC June 5th. By July they will launch internationally.  Lorde worked with Senior Makeup Artist Amber Deadon to create the new products (seen above in hands, and applied bellow).  While Rihanna's Viva Glam line also dueled as a charity fund for AIDS, it does not seem the same for the MAC Lorde launch.  If this release is anything like that of MAC and Rihanna's, Pure Heroine and Rapidblack are going to sell out quickly.  Fortunately for you dolls, MAC is currently carrying already released products that are so similar you might mistake them for the same.

Lorde's Pure Heroine lipstick and Rapidblack eyeliner
MAC's lipstick shade Strong Woman, and Penultimate eyeliner (below) are already up and selling, if you happen to be as impatient as me.  I am shocked MAC did not even try to change up their products for this release.  It seems more like another form of advertisement, than limited edition products (that already exists).  Though, I could see how Lorde's following would definitely improve sales.  MAC would not even have to lift a finger in the makeup lab, and from what we can see here (above), the applicator has not changed either
Strong Woman Lipstick
Penultimate Eyeliner

See more MAC shades similar to Pure Heroine HERE.

Pure Heroine

Strong Woman


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