Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mourning Moments

   At this point in my life, everything is going to change.  My stress level is high and I never have time for myself. In these moments I have find myself viewing the world in a different light. I have begun to enjoy little things, more so out of necessity. With the remorse I feel for the time that is flying past me, and how busy I have become, it is hard to appreciate the big picture. In my new life perspective I have learned to appreciate the unwanted aspects of my life. In fact I find them quite beautiful.  In some demented way I love the fact that my car air conditioner does not know any setting other than hot, and hotter. I would rather feel the wind in my fingers anyway. I want to thank the unexpected alarms on my phone for keeping me from wasting a single waking moment. And, even if the rain destroys the gravel road leading to my home, I will always welcome a thunderstorm lullaby.  The dirt in between my toes is merely a reminder of a nights adventures. How could I possibly wash them away without a tinge of guilt? I feel greedy at times, and hope that the realization of this beauty belonged to me only. I am almost positive all humans have their own set of simple pleasures. I just wish people talked about them more. Maybe it would make us happier, but it's just a thought. 

Side Note 
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My Outfit 
Acid Wash Jean Jacket - Forever 21   
Lace Bra - For Love And Lemons
 Faux Leather Moto Shorts - Dolls Kill
 Pearl Rosary - Vintage

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