Monday, July 14, 2014

Siren Song

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   I would like us all to share a moment of silence for the Alluring Aquatic MAC collection that is now sold out. I apologize that it has taken me this long to post a review, but I would much rather give my honest and experienced opinion than feed you bogus information.  When I was first introduced to the limited time collection I instantly fell for the Siren Song lipstick.  I had to watch and read several Alluring Aquatic reviews before I found one that included Siren Song.  This is not a popular shade. That may be why I find it so enchanting.  This is the most naked nude lipstick you will ever find.  I bought this with the intention that I could wear it on minimal makeup days, or when I dress down.  I have a very fair complexion, even in sunny seasons.  I knew this shade would only accentuate pale my skin tone.  I like to own my ghastly color, but others may not, and for those I would not recommend this product. 

   This lipstick is light and shimmery, shear, and creamy.  I could almost compare it to a lip gloss with the exception that it will last longer, and it does not have a sticky texture.  Although, it will not last as long as other opaque MAC lipsticks, because of the nature of the pigment.  It cost $17.50, and I regret nothing.  I was so confident in this purchase that I did not even swatch it before checking out. I happened upon a MAC Cosmetics store in Denver, knowing the collection was completely sold out online I jumped on the opportunity.  The packaging is metallic teal, with raised bumps that give the tube a water droplet texture. Aside from that, the tube is the same traditional bullet shape. I am not one to fall for the illusion of advertisement, but this is honestly such a dreamy container.  MAC really one-uped every other brand on the visual performance end.  Overall, I would say that I will be using Siren Song until it is a nub, and then some. Unlike most makeup, this will not get lost in the bottom of a drawer somewhere, because it is an everyday wear product.  The only problem I have with Siren Song is that it doens't last long enough; and by long enough I mean forever.
   If you are seriously interested in any of the Alluring Aquatic cosmetics check out the MAC website HERE for information. Go to a store near you, or check Ebay, because Ebay is like my Wal-Mart.

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