Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Skate Exclusive

Jeremy and Abbey
Instagram: @caravanskate
  I had the amazingly inspiring opportunity to meet the owners of a traveling skate shop named Caravan. They have been on the road for weeks in a refurbished air force truck.  They have hit an unreal amount of skate parks, and shops.  They skate every day, sell merch out of their truck, and live on the move.  They have traveled over 1300 miles, and we could not have been more impressed.  Jeremy Hopwood and his wife Abbey Rock are no strangers to skate culture.  Jeremy has been donating, and volunteering to the world of skate long before the conception of the mobile skate shop.  Also, Abbey was raised around her father's skate shop.  She writes for a skate magazine called True Skateboard Magazine. You can follow their adventures HERE on the website.
  Marcus and I were casually meeting a friend, Marissa, at Starbucks.  When we parked in front of the coffee shop Marcus was the first to notice the obnoxiously awesome diesel truck, with "Skate Shop" spray painted on the side.  After we had ordered we found Marissa in a corner next to the cutest couple I have ever seen.  Marcus, being a skater, stuck conversation with them.  They were trying to get to Lincoln, NE and needed to sell some inventory to get there.  They were not prepared for the Nebraska heat, wind, and vacancy.  Marcus messaged all of his skate buddies and arranged for them all to meet at the skate park.  The turn out was great, and all of their revenue will fund the trip to Lincoln, all the skate shops in between, and their future travels.
  They have truly put everything into their passion for boarding, and they have a very positive message for people of all ages.  Ab and Jeremy are kind and generous, the the type of people you can't help but admire.  It was no coincidence that our seemingly pointless visit to Starbucks turned into the greatest chance encounter. Hopefully we will meet again some day.  We wish well to our new friends and know their shop will take off one day.  I am glad we have made new friends and will be able to watch their success flourish. It is so inspiring to see people who not only have put their dreams first, but also have worked equally as hard to get there. 
Drive on!


     Abbey Rock: @foxybalaclave
     Jeremy Hopwood:  @caravanskate


True Skateboard Mag:
     Caravan Cross Country


Jeremy at our local skate shop.
From Abbey's Instagram: @foxybalaclava
Marcus and I
Photo credit: Marissa Johnson

Sticker from Caravan our local skate shop, not to be
confused with Caravan the Moving Skate Shop!
From Abbey's Instagram: @foxybalaclava
Local Skate Shop: @caravanskateshop
Side art of truck
Photo credit: Marissa Johnson

The back doors of the truck open to
reveal the skate shop
Photo credit: Marissa Johnson

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