Tuesday, July 22, 2014

UNIF: Drug Rug

  I would love to introduce you to my new baby.  I stumbled upon the UNIF Dweller Hoodie on Ebay.  I usually do not bid; I prefer to just "buy now," but I made an acceptation.  The Dweller Hoodie typically runs over one hundred dollars, give or take depending on the store.  I was in luck, this paticular item was worn once and the seller was in need of quick cash.  On Ebay, I was prepared for an expensive war and a bid battle to the death. I waited for days for the bidding to close.  There were zero bidders, but I still waited until the last ten seconds to bid, just to be safe.  Of course, I did all that waiting for nothing, because I was the only person on Ebay who was remotely interested, figures.  I victoriously won my hoodie for less than half the original price.  I swear I wore it for an entire week after delivery.  It is warm, airy, and conveniently matchs everything I own. My boyfriend thinks it looks a lot like a drug rug. What do you think?   

Gotta love that scrunchy! 

My Outfit 
Dweller Hoodie - UNIF
Bustier - Forever 21
Turquoise Highwaisted Shorts - Handmade Vintage
Holo Platforms - UNIF 
Pink Scrunchy - Vintage 
Palm Tree Earings - Drop Dead
Opal Earings - Love Sick
D'Lilac Lipstick - Lime Crime


Anonymous said...

I think it looks marvelous. But i'm just a man who doesn't typically exist.

Madison Mcfarland said...

Your opinion matters too! ♡♡

Lily said...

Maddie you can literally pull anything off! I love that outfit!

Madison Mcfarland said...

I don't know about that but I'm very flattered! ♡

Sara said...

Your so gorgeous!! You know when you have that one person you wish you looked like I wish I looked like you lol

Madison Mcfarland said...

But the world also needs you and your specific beauty. :*