Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Vegan Leather

  I apologize for all the UNIF clothing posts.  I obviously have a problem.  I am such a loyal customer, while it does take a toll on my pocket money, I love the quality and utterly unique designs.  My very first UNIF purchase was the Studded Shoulder Splice Dress.  I regretfully did not take any pictures of this dress, but I intend to in the future. I did not even know of the designer when I bought the dress from Patricia Field's website.  This is how I discovered UNIF.  The studded shoulders of the dress are made of vegan leather, which I did not know at the time, either.  Upon later purchases I grew accustomed to the designers and I love the animal cruelty free concept. This is not like any Pleather I have ever worn.  It is impossible to distinguish from real leather, not to mention durable.  The UNIF Prima Cut Out Dress (bellow) is also constructed of vegan materials and has a bouncy tulle skirt. Farther down in my pictures are the UNIF Hellraisers.  These loafers are deceivingly comfortable considering they are covered in sharp spikes.  Speaking from experience, do not leave these laying around. You will step on them, and it will hurt. I have worn these shoes religiously for well over a year and I have yet to see any significant damage.  The inside is lined, and also cushy.  Hellraisers come in all colors and are still sold here at UNIF Shoes. I think the vegan approach is awesome, and I hope other designers follow suit.  What is your opinion on leather, animal cruelty, and this alternative? 

My Look
Prima Cut Out Dress - UNIF
Hellraisers - UNIF
Sunglasses - Cotton On
Pentagram Earings - Drop Dead
Cyber Lipstick - MAC 


Breanna Loughry said...

This one is adorable!!!! Love your out fits

Madison Mcfarland said...

Thank you.