Saturday, August 23, 2014

In Print

  Word print is very easy to over-do when combining in an outfit.  Make sure one is the focal point, and the other(s) are accenting the focal print.  Also, be very color and font conscious. Trust your judgement, and own your look!

  The Raised by Mermaids crop top I am wearing is by MYVL.  It is a dusty pink color, made of stretch fabric, and is very comfortable.  I bought it on sale from Dolls Kill, unfortunately their stock is completely gone.  MYVL still carried Small and Medium, which you can buy HERE.

In Print Look
Raised by Mermaids - MYVL
Shorts, Purse, & Necklace - Vintage
Cross My Heart Glasses - Ebay
D'lilac Lipstick - Lime Crime
Side Note
It was raining while I was taking these pictures. 
Ironically, they turned out kind of beachy.

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