Saturday, August 2, 2014

Makeup Mess Ups

  In my defense, I do not make shopping mistakes often.  My pride was hurt a little bit after all that had happened, so don't laugh. Please. My sequence of terrible coincidence begun on YouTube, where I was religiously watching makeup tutorials.  I came across the Eclipse Concealer Palette from Coastal Scents. I have been trying to find a contouring cream for far too long.  I took to Ebay (where I buy everything) to find the lowest price for the Eclipse Palette.  It was quick and simple. The original price of this palette is $19.95.  I payed $9.99 on Ebay, thinking it was a steal.

That is, until it arrived.

  When my product arrived I immediately felt heartbroken.  The picture (above) is what I had to come home to.  Looks perfectly fine right? No. This is not a Coastal Scents palette.  It isn't even a MAC palette! If I would have taking the time to look into the specifics of the purchase I would have known it was counterfeit.  
  In an attempt to make the situation better, and a little out of spite, I found myself back on Ebay looking for the Eclipse palette.  I carefully found the cheapest one at $15.99.  I was not about to make the same mistake twice. Finally I had my concealer (above) and it was the real deal.  Under close examination, and experimentation I came to the conclusion that they were basically the same, except for slight color variation.  The Chinese got it going on with the replicas, that's for sure!  The consistency and opacity is identical, but I have not used either enough to know how long they last. 
And then tragedy struck! 

  This is my Eclipse Palette, unused, melted, and very sad looking.  I had left the palette in my purse with all of my other makeup, thinking nothing of it.  I had forgotten my purse in my car. Unfortunately,  the Coastal Scents product may sound tropical, it is not sun proof. The 15 concealer shades now looks like a tie dye smear.  I have hit pan on half of my colors without even using it!  

  Fortunately, I still have my other "MAC" palette and the colors I would use for contouring are intact. The mint color (first row to the left in the middle) is used to cover red spots and blemishes.  The yellow hides under eye halos, black, blue, and purple imperfections. The lavender shade neutralizes yellow spots.  The white is a highlighter. The natural pigments are used to conceal, highlight, and blend areas.  As you can see I am I little more limited now, but hopefully we can share this life lesson together.  

  Beware of scams, China is always cheaper, and do not let cream products sit in the heat! It is about time I realized I am not a cream makeup person.   Let's be honest I'm never touching this palette again. 


StacyAnn said...

If you're still hunting for a powder contour palette, might I recommend the Anastasia contour palette? It does work on super fair skin and won't melt. Plus you can pop the pans out and put them in a z palette.

Madison Mcfarland said...

Thank you so much!!!!