Sunday, August 17, 2014

Questions, Answers, and Opinions on Midwest Fashion

This man bought  the most ridiculous $300, paisley, velvet blazer for
 $0.50 from the sidewalk sale I worked this summer.  How cute is he?
   I have rewritten this four times trying to come up with my honest opinion.   I was approached by my friend Jay, about my thoughts on male fashion decline.  More specifically, he wanted to know why the midwest has difficulty grasping the concept of fashion evolution.  At first there were so many thoughts buzzing through my head.  So let's just take this one question at a time.  Firstly, I do not think male fashion has declined.  If anything it has greatly become more socially acceptable for men to have an interest in fashion without people questioning their sexuallity.  On the other hand, I do agree with his assumption about midwestern fashion.  There are some great places to find trendy clothing in the midwest, but innovation is obviously absent. Fashion is in constant motion, and those who push the boundaries are truly fashionable, regardless of sex.  It is not just midwestern men, but everyone who has jumped on the coastal style wagon. I say this lightly, because it does not apply to everyone, nor do I want anyone to take offence. What we do not realize is that that our coasts and fashion capitals are exchanging designs with other countries. If you want to be a step ahead, I would suggest shopping internationally online.  But if you want to stop the standstill in the center of the US, wear what you want. Do not listen to the fashion advice of anyone (including me!). Your creativity is your greatest tool.  If it doesn't match, even better.  Make people stare at you. Make people wish they thought of it first.  Here is one of my favorite inspirational quotes, and I hope this helps!

   If you have any other questions, or even thoughts, don't be afraid to comment or even message me!

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