Sunday, August 31, 2014

Wash Up

   I have grown accustom to, and have acceptance for many of my personal traits.  I will never be a good singer, even if I practiced.  I will never have the ambition to be wealthy.  I am not competitive, coordinated, nor am I skilled enough to be an athlete.  Odds are that my test scores will remain in the grey, unnoticed area between average and advanced.  But, I am an expert at the one thing I never quite grew out of; playing dress-up.  I am a creature that truly knows no bounds, and I refuse to lose trust in pixie dust.  The curious part?  Of all the humans, I am not the one lost in a game of pretend.  
The Look
Shell Muscle Tee - Private Arts
High Waisted Shorts - Foxx Foe
Boots - Charlette Russe
Pink Rose Ring - Illuminati Jewellery
Rainbow Rhinestones - Claire's 
Leather Belt - Vintage
Mint to Be Lipstick - Lime Crime
Eye Shadow - Take Me to Brazil BH Cosmetics Palette 


Senna Vodzogbe said...

your make up and hair :o loooooove !


Madison McFarland said...

Thank you so much