Friday, September 5, 2014

Lush Haul

   Recently, I made my first Lush Cosmetics purchase.  I have been seeing them all over the internet, and visited two stores.  This review is way over do! Lush is all natural, cruelty free, and as earth friendly as it gets! Even their packing peanuts (above) are biodegradable! I washed mine down the sink. My package was sealed with recyclable tape covered in their notorious 'Fight Animal Cruelty' logo.  Inside was their new catalog, along with my products.  Here is what I thought about Lush.
DREAM CREAM  8.4 oz.  $26.95
   I tested the Dream Cream in stores.  The nicest sales woman I have ever met suggested this cream for my eczema and dry skin.  The Dream Cream was  the purpose behind this entire haul.  It smells so fresh, but not in a fake flowery perfume way. My skin feels soft, almost fluffy after using it.  My dry skin cleared within a few uses.
AQUA MARINA   3.5 oz.  $12.95
   I have used this product so much in the time I have had it.  It is thick and creamy with bits of seaweed infused in it.  When combined with water it becomes a facial cleanser.  I believe the point of this product is to clean out pores, but my skin did not react well.  I have been breaking out in a few places that are not normal for my skin.  It could be from anything else, of course! My skin does feel super fresh after washing with Aqua Marina, but all products react differently to various skin types, mine being very dry and sensitive.  Aside from my own misfortune, I would still recommend.
   This product is a bar of soap made with sea salt, seaweed, and all things mermaids love.  It smells very zesty, like cologne, but still sweet enough for girls.  I look forward to showers now that I have it. The seaweed and salt exfoliate very well.  I do wish my bar was bigger, but I am not complaining!  
COAL FACE  3.5 oz.  $13.95
   I also received a small sample of Coal Face with my purchase.  It is also a cleanser, but it comes in more of a solid form, like a bar of soap. You mix it with water and it exfoliates with little grains of charcoal.  I have not used this much, because I am trying to save it. Even though it is coal, it still smells very delicate. 

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Daddy-O  - Shampoo
Granny Takes A Dip  - Bath Bomb
H'Suan Wen Hua - Hair Treatment
Orange Blossom - Solid Perfume 
Ocean Salt - Facial Scrub

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