Sunday, September 7, 2014

Stop to Smell the Field Flowers

   There is nothing I love more than seeing nature in it's own state of control.  I get so distracted by what is outside, I forget the task at hand. When I have far to much on my mind I like to sit and stare out at the freshly cut fields.  Somehow they make me feel slower, as if I could remember that moment forever.  My anxiety can get out of hand, but I always learn how to breathe again when I tilt my head back and take in the enormous cotton woods, and how small they look under the stars.  Nature simply exists, while the rest of us are too busy running to stop and take notice. Nature still waits, and I respect it's patience. I always find myself wondering who will appreciate my field flowers while I am away. Or, if my flowers will miss me as much as I them.  The frost will come soon and I, like the flowers, will be gone.

The Look
666 Smiley Sweater - UNIF
Witch House Leggings - House of Widow 
Suede Americana Purse - Sharif
Qozmo Platforms - YRU
Gold Chain - Thrift Shop
Lip Stick - Wet n' Wild


Sarah Wolfe said...

Omg this is such a beautiful post. I may have to propose to it. 💕

Anonymous said...

Totally love that ankle bracelet you have there wow!!!!!!!

Madison McFarland said...

Haha yes do!

Madison McFarland said...

Marissa you dork ♡