Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Traveler

     I great man once told me the adventures of his youth.   Years when he and his friends would drive through all hours of the night, only because he suggested having breakfast in Chicago.  After a day packed with interesting sights, museums, blues bands, and deep dish pizza they would drive home in time to sleep through Sunday.  He kept a coin on the dash, and a bag always packed in the back.  On each Friday he would flip the coin onto the seat of his car; heads and he would head for the mountains to go skiing.  But if he flipped tails he would have coffee with the locals instead.  As he spoke he glanced at me, but I could tell he was looking at something not visible to anyone but himself.  Slowly he finished by telling of the many things he had learned at my age, horseback riding, kayaking, racing, ect.  He taught me something that I thought I had already known.  He told me to just go, before kids, spouses, and life get in the way.  He spoke with the kind of intellect that cannot be found in books, but comes with decades of experience.   I still feel as though Robin Williams materialized in front of my eyes just to hit me over the head with philosophy.  I did not know my eyes could get much wider, but now I swear I can see the universe.  Years from now everything will change, I will replace old memories with new.  But, one memory I will never forget is the look on his face. 

The Look
Jean Jacket - Vintage 
Dweller Hoodie - UNIF
Just Drop It Tee - Killer Condo
Cut-off Shorts - Foxx Foe
Boots - Charlotte Russe
Tights - Ebay
Buttons - Lime Crime & Drop Dead

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Joshua McGowan said...

Live Life to the fullest :) live with no regrets and live in the moment :) HUGE things i learned