Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Big things are going to be happening this coming year.  I have had a very stressful, yet insightful 2014, but I am so ready for a new beginning.  Here I have compiled a "to do" list for my New Year's resolution, which I will be damned if I don't stick to it.  

Make a website: I made this blog only a few months ago, and I am ready to get serious.  I had a blast modeling for Declared Clothing, which I hope to continue. I have had a few collaboration requests, but I think my own webpage would look much more professional than Blogger. 
Upload to YouTube: In the past I have made half-hearted comments about Vlogging.  I honestly have no clue how to edit a video. I know, shame on me.  I really do think YouTube is an important tool in the blogging community.  This is a bandwagon I have been dragging behind for too long.  in 2015 I promise to make all those videos you as readers did not receive in 2014. 
Moving the BF in:  I am so ready for my boyfriend, Marcus, to move into my home.  Call me sappy, but he is my main support and best friend.  He always encourages me to be the best I can be.
Redecorating the basement:  So far living with my cousin Jessica in our cute little house has been a blast.  The only thing not so cute is our basement.  Currently housing dog crates, washer and dryer, and boxes, I'm sure you can imagine how much use it gets.  With an extra person in the house we will need more room.  I am hoping to turn it into a tranquil studio for movies, cuddles, crafts, and memories. 
Read more books:  I have complied quite the list of books I must read, reread, and own.  I love reading but it seems I never make the time to.  No more excuses.  I must read more! One of my favorite books, Looking for Alaska is by and based on the life of John Green. With having so many friends overseas, it is hard not to love this book. 
Get Healthy(er): I have struggled with Crohn's Disease for almost eight years now, so trying to manage my health is nothing new.  I have grown so much as a person because of this that it is hard to be bitter about having a chronic disease. Although, there are things I could be doing to stay on the top of my game, like excising more frequently, and cutting out unhealthy foods, or foods that will make me sick.  This is a pretty common New Year's goal, but my personal goal is to reduce as much inflammation in my body as possible.  
Be outrageous: I love clothing, whether that makes me material or not. As an art minded person I find it fascinating to mix the most unconventional, unloved, and most of all, tacky clothing.  I have no problem with making a fool out of myself, so I plan to push my outfits a little further.  Brace yourself. 
Try new things:  I have travel fever.  In 2015 I hope to travel to Detroit, and LA with Marcus.  I want to have the most spontaneous time of my life.  I love to embrace myself in the culture of the community, and do as locals do.  I am all about new foods, and activities.  I am learning to keep an open mind now that I am an "adult." But, it is always important to stay true to yourself, even if you are still trying to figure out who that person is. 

This is what is ahead for me, what is ahead for you?  I would love to know.  This blog has been such a learning experience for me, as I hope it was for you.  Thank you for all of your support as readers. See you in 2015.

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