Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Quick Faux Bob

    Last week I bought a curling iron with a 1/2 inch barrel.  Basically, the smaller the barrel, the tighter the curls.   In order to make my hair as voluminous as possible I curled small strands, all individually.  After every lock was curled I brushed it out just enough to loosen the curls without making it frizzy, then back combed it to desired height.  I use hairspray generously, can you tell?  In these photos my hair is parted in the middle, but you can realistically part yours any direction when doing this up-do.   Finally, I  twisted and rolled up the right side of my hair starting from the end, how you would around a hair roller or curling iron.  Just above my ear I placed a hair pin to hold the roll of hair in place, then severally more pins to stabilize it up.  Repeat this with the left side.  If you have thicker hair do one or two more sections in the back.  I pinned my bangs up and back behind my ears as well, but this is not necessary. When you are finished, you can add some personal touches by rearranging curls, teasing, pushing the rolls up and down, and pulling tendrils out like I have done.  Don't forget to do a once over with hair spray.   This hair style is super fast and will stay up all night long if pinned correctly.   Have all the perks of short hair without cutting it.  You might even fool people.

I did,

The Look
Revlon Perfect Heat 1/2 Inch Curling Iron
Mel B Dress - Drop Dead  
 Yellow Rain Coat - Columbia 
06 Forever Fuchsia Lip Stain - Sephora


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