Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sweaters Forever & Love Letters

   I am just a young Padawan learner.  I receive compliments all the time about my blog, but I know I can do much better.  I like to set the bar high, too high at times. I have made so much progress since I started that it hurts to look back at old photos; old mistakes.  I refuse to delete anything because I want people to know where I came from, and who I was when I began.  I believe I have come as far as I possible can alone.  

   I started a new chapter and I have enlisted Amy Lynn as my mentor.  I now have someone who not only understands my aspirations, but also follows all the same Instagram users and fashion bloggers.  I spent three days with her doing a product shoot, and modeling in her newest lookbook.  I sat in on a design meeting, and model casting.  We even made a video.  I  learned various different camera and editing tricks, which I brought back home and am eager to try.  I would consider myself an intern, but the professional term does not describe the beautiful friendship we have formed. 


 Amy has a new shop devoted to cuddles and upcycled sweaters.  Check out the link below to see more sweaters like mine.  Thanks for reading!!

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