Monday, March 30, 2015

Omaha Fashion Week Part One: On the Runway

   I have far too much to show for Omaha Fashion Week 2015 for one blog post.  I contemplated editing down, but I would end up sitting at my computer for hours trying to decide what to cut. Instead, you all must suffer a bit of suspense before you can see my behind the scene photos.  If you are NOT excited, please exit to your right at the (X).  Randy Edwards did an excellent job filming the Declared runway, making it look flawless. I can assure you everything up until the runway show was chaos.  The Declared team still managed an unforgettable first show and line. All the sweat and stress paid off.  The Merbabes looked chic as hell. I had an incredible time at Omaha Fashion Week, and am honored to be in the position I am today.   Hope you enjoy the video, and thanks for reading.


Video by: Randy Edwards

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