Tuesday, April 7, 2015

IN THE 303

   My boyfriend and I went on a little road trip to the state of Colorful Colorado.  We crashed on the couch of his family, and didn't plan a single minute of our stay.  While our visit was nothing extravagant, like spending a week on the beach, or flying cross-country, we still had an amazing time. We slept in far too long, met up with family, had the most delicious home cooked meals, and opened Easter gifts.  Our low budget vacation was much more than I could have ever asked for.  Sometimes it's nice to just get lost every once in a while.  Even if that means driving in circles with road-rage induced arguments.  The best part of our trip was the night drive home.  Nothing closes a trip to CO like a horizon filled with Denver lights, good music, and my best friend next to me.  Four hours in a car with anyone else would have been excruciating.  Not with Marcus.  When we finally got home, our little bungalow of a house looked frozen in time; dishes still in the sink and clothes still on the floor.  Nothing was touched. As if we had never left at all, and our little escape was just a faint dream. 

The Look
Jean Jacket  - F12
Abstract Blouse - Vintage
Badsport Bra - Unif
Satchel - Steve Madden
Black Jeans - Love Sick
Hellraiser Loafers - Unif

Photos by Marcus Vigil

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