Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Not your mother's playlist

I think that even the most musically inept, like me, still have a soft spot for their favorite songs. I have one pitch, it's loud and only appreciated when drowned out by music. I never subscribed to any one genre of music. For that reason and for the longest time I thought I had terrible taste, seriously what do I know about music. Then a few weeks ago I was listening to some of my favs in the car with friends. They asked for my Soundcloud info and I was like, "..uh, ok, it's... uhm." *drops phone* I DON'T EVEN KNOW MY INFO. NOBODY ASKS ME THESE THINGS. Long story short, here are some of my Soundcloud favorites. I created a brand new playlist just for you!!!

 DISCLAIMER: My music is offensive to basically everyone. Oops? Blame society for making me angsty and rude af. Blame my parents. Just don't bug me, I'll literally do nothing about it.  If you don't like don't listen??

Sorry for that brief moment of negativity. I hope you like my Playlist, and follow me on Soundcloud!!! Comment or message me if you liked this post and want to see me create another playlist. Always, thanks for reading!


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Photography Kalen Drullinger 

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